Welcome to Cattlemen’s Cutting Tree Service!


Thanks so much for checking us out on the web. We’ve built this site to give you all of the information we can about our services pertaining to arbor care. From branch trimming to stump grinding, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled specialists will be able to get the work you need done in no time, so let’s get this tree cutting trimming underway!.

On this page in particular, you’ll find out some of our company goals and values. Read on down below to find out all of the information!

Cattlemen’s: Commitment to Service

Here in the Midwest, we have a motto. That motto is “be kind and work hard.” We still hold true to that motto today even after all of these years of faithfully serving our customers.

We believe in treating our customers with kindness as if they were our own kin. This is because we know that what goes around comes around. The other thing that we believe pertaining to kindness to others is that through friendliness and good service, we can make our community a better place. As a homegrown company, we want the place we started in to grow and flourish.

The second part of that motto is “work hard.” In our neck of the woods, we are no strangers to hard work. Rain or shine, our forefathers worked hard in the agricultural industry, oftentimes getting up at the crack of dawn in order to get everything done before the end of the day.

We’ve adopted the same policies in diligence. We know that hard work and a quality product make an unbeatable combination. Our customers have come back to us with rave reviews praising the attentiveness to detail and high quality labor that our staff exudes. We hope that as you work hard to earn money to maintain your home and property, we’ll work just as hard on our end to help you get there.

Don’t take our word for it…

As we said before, our customers are super pleased with our work. In a consumer driven world, we know it’s hard to please the customer. However, we are humbly confident that we are doing something right because our customers love our work. Here are some words from some of our recents:


“Two months ago, a really bad storm came through and I had a lot of fallen trees on my property. It was so bad that I couldn’t get out of my long driveway because of the debris of fallen trees and branches. I knew that this was probably the case all over town and that Cattlemen’s would be busy tree removal service, but I decided to give them a call anyway. They were at my place within hours and immediately went to work removing the fallen trees on my property. What is more, they even brought me a home cooked casserole because my power was out and I couldn’t cook. I am so blown away by their kindness and great service that I will always call Cattlemen’s for all of my arbor care needs. Thanks guys!”